Future of dairy

I spent two years travelling and researching the future of dairy around the world with the support of a Nuffield Farming Scholarship and the Trehane Trust. My final report was published in late 2018 and emphasised the importance of brands for the future viability of the sector.

Stories I’ve written so far…
– Podcast debate: What’s the future for dairy?
– Animal free milk
– Specialist milk for coffee brands
– The rise of microdairies
– Get ready for the megadairies
– What is milk anyway?
Wow no cow: the farmer making oat milk
– Organic milk and dairy gets boost
– Where can I buy milk from a farm?
– Check out Tesco’s fictional farms
– Sweden’s and the dilemma of higher welfare
Cow’s milk v almond milk
– The oat ‘milk’ farmer
– The Barista milk farmer
– Is the dairy industry having an image crisis?
– Arla, Nestle and the future of dairy
– Dutch reach peak dairy
– Dairy’s dilemma: what to do with male calves and follow-up story on industry response and new markets
– Farmers finding markets for dairy bull calves